Tune Money Visa Prepaid Card

Wednesday, November 21 Leave a Comment

This would be my next alternative for online payment! Currently I'm using AmBank NexG prepaid card..

This Tune Card is Prepaid Visa. Just like your mobile phone, when it out of credit.. just topup your credit using Maybank, CIMB, Pos Office.

For new use, you need to apply it online or buy it from post office. I'm already order it online then need to topup manually at post office. Then after 7 days, I can collect my card at Batu Caves post office. You can select which post office nearest to you.

Things to note:
1) Yearly fees: Rm9.99
2) Always keep minimum balance RM10 in the card.
3) For first time, minimum topip is RM50.

For more info just visit www.tunemoney.com

p/s: Wondering why the colour is red? This is because Tune Money is AirAsia company.


  • striker said:  


    woo.. cam besh je card ni.. tp kalo amik nnt kang xde duit nk load plak.. (buat masa ni la) kekeke :P

  • JUNAIDIX said:  

    ala.. load kalo perlu jer :D macam prepaid telepon.. kalo dah takder kredit tu tak yah la guna kad!

  • striker said:  


    td 'jalan-jalan' jumpe ni:


    cam besh jgk.. kalo ada duit skit taun dpn.. rasa nk apply je.. leh verify paypal.. =)

    debit mastercard ni.. bagusnya x yah penat nak slalu top-up mcm prepaid card & visa electron.. mmg terus link ke bank.. pastu mmg betol2 cam mastercard, bukan macam visa electron.. certain merchants je accept.. yg ni, selagi merchant tu accept mastercard mmg confirm accept kad ni kan?

    masalah cuma 1, kot2 nnt besh sgt smpai xdpt nk kawal diri beli dgn lavish la pulak kan? kang cepat je ilang duit dlm tu x pasan.. XD

  • Ian said:  

    I wanted to get one, but unfortunately something makes me withdraw my decision..

    They really should not charge RM2 whenever we have to reload the card.

    I have a Visa Electron, it cost higher than Tune Card, and it requires higher minimum balance in the card. But atleast they didn't charge any extras when i want to reload my card, or when i want to buy things from amazon.com or ebay.com, which requires currency conversion to USD..

    As for the other card, which is MOL Freedom Card by Eon bank, very bad customer service, and they have charges on currency conversion and card reloads, but atleast EON Bank allow a free cash reload if i choose to reload it via EON Bank counters..

    Back on Tune Card, the card design looks terrific, i loves especially the colour of the card, unfortunately, i don't think that i can ever afford the RM2 reload fees.., so, not until Tune Money think of something that will benefit consumers like me, else, i don't think that i can give Tune Card a try at all..

  • faris said:  

    informasi yang menarik~
    urm.. nak tanya.. macam mana nk reload tune card ni kalau gune cimbclicks yer? kalau tak keberatan kongsikan langkah2 untuk reload tu.. Terima kasih~