Adobe ColdFusion 8 (BETA)

Tuesday, June 12 Leave a Comment

Since 2003, I love to develop web application in ColdFusion. It's easy. Fast to develop. Plus simple to maintain the web application. Infact that Msjbox is develop using ColdFusion until today :)

On May 30, Adobe which acquired Macromedia has release a latest version of the ColdFusion product codename "Scorpio" or Version 8.

New Features:

  • Server monitoring to help identify server bottlenecks, allowing for tuning and improved performance.
  • Step through code debugging in a new Eclipse plug-in debugger.
  • Adobe Flex™ and Ajax features that let ColdFusion power personalized, multimedia-rich applications to enhance users’ experiences on the web.
  • High-quality, dynamically created on-demand multimedia presentations.
  • PDF document and form integration for a printable, portable way to intelligently capture and share information.
  • Image creation and manipulation with more than 50 new CFML tags and functions.
  • Native support for .NET objects to easily integrate ColdFusion applications with enterprise data and infrastructure services.
  • Significant application runtime and server performance improvements.
Well, I'm going to download ColdFusion 8 and give it a try :)

More Info: Adobe ColdFusion 8 (BETA)