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Friday, January 19 Leave a Comment

I'm just upgrade my template using a new version of blogger. It's seems easy to use. A lot of click & copy n paste happend in this new blog engine. Love it!

I know you all very sad because of the Msjbox downtime for a month! Even myself can't imagine how is my blog without Msjbox ! But the truth is the transfer bandwith is overloaded. And they want more money from me! That's why I think to distribute this cost among users to keep Msjbox up & running :)

I want to blog about my wedding, but meby later on because of I want to give all Msjbox a taste of new Msjbox Panel that I've been develop since I'm single :p This Msjbox Panel will replace Msjbox Account interface that all of you has been using.


Below are some of the screen cap for you. Or all Msjbox users can login directly into Msjbox Panel now to give a try.

Just remember, this Msjbox Panel is not officially yet replacing Msjbox Account. So you may eccounter some glitch and error messages. If you do, then what you need to do is just inform me the error messages and what is your action that cause that kind of error so I can immediately fix those error ;)

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