Bukit Tinggi

Monday, January 22 Leave a Comment

this vacation is on our 1st week in KL or in other words 3rd week as husband & wife. erm.. meby i'll blog later on (again!) about my wedding day. hehe

on the 1st weekend in kl, we just plan to go to Bukit Tinggi. where a place is a mirror of some location in France or something.

this is our picture inside the France Village (I guest)

This is the front door. Acting just like we just arrive at oversea. No passport/visa required. btw, you need to pay RM16/person before entering Bukit Tinggi Resort. Then you can go to both France & Japanese village.

From the tower! I know. This is a very common picture if somebody or anybody goes up there. This tower is quite high enough for us to see around the village from top view. Nice.

From the other side. This is a very popular area for kids to swim in the pool. Just for kids only. Mother & father including brother or sisters is not allowed! btw that swimming pool is not that deep.(pssst! sorang jer? hehe)

After we both getting tired walking around the village, then we stopped to have a drinks.

Delicious a.k.a marvelous cheese cakes! Eat it all! haha

But before that we eat a spaghetti! I forgot the real name for that spaghetti. never mind. I finish it all. Because of the price is so expensive, we need to enjoy every little pieces of the spaghetti including its sauces! :p plus the vanilla cokes!

then, suddenly a major surprise of all! The EX-PM is here too! including his bodyguard behind.

He is the famous people after all! everybody is so curious : "Is this an Ex-PM?" "Is it?"

every body want to get close at him. Taking pictures. Shake hand. Seems like Tun is healthy enough to entertain all of his fanatic fans :) that would include me!

well, this is our attempt to take picture with Tun. But suddenly another person that is so nice to interrupt us! You can see the result la. We have only 1 shot of those because we ask somebody else to take our picture. But that person is quite late to snap the picture. huhu..

This is the close look of the ex-pm that I zoom in from a far-far away! luckily my camera had 12x zooms! After that he left. Don't know where is he heading. meby go home i guest.

After we finish walking around France Village, we go to Japanase village. But unfortunately my camera battery is dead! no more pictures. sad :( a lot of great scenes at Japanese Village. never mind. just enjoy the scenes.

p/s: nice to go to vacation with my wife ;)