Journey to Igan

Tuesday, January 23 Leave a Comment

This is my pre-wedding journey to Igan. Where the place that will change my status as "Husband 1.0".

We arrive at Kuching Airport. Unload all necessary item. There's a lots of boxes to carry a board. Luckily we boarding in 4. No extra charges.

This is my cousin with my younger brother. My cousin wedding 1 weeks after mine. So he also change his status to husband 1.0 as well ;)

Here we go! From Left: My father, my uncle, me, my mother. Just want to go for check-in afterwards.

In the boarding area. There a discussing about the simplicity of the boarding pass that will FAX us to Igan!

Me and my mom. Taking pictures in the Twin Otter. Quite small and very "bising" because I'm sitting beside the engine lor!

Then 1 hour later, we arrive at Mukah Airports. My fiance and his father already waiting for us :)

well, that's all for today. will continue tomorrow.. hehe