Friday - Wedding Day

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This wedding ceremony held on her grandparent at Igan on Friday 15 December 2006 after Friday Prayer.

After Friday prayer, I do not know what is my feeling at the moment. No feeling. But deep in my heart, I'm very happy :) But a little nervous, I admit.

Sitting in front on Jurunikah while hearing about Khutbah Nikah, I feel very uncomfortable. You know.. nervous + happy + anything at one time!

And.. the moment come true! I'm now officially a husband. Still didn't believe it that I'm just married with my fiance. Back there is my mom, her mom. You can guest the brides ;) (This picture not clear because some other pictures is not available yet)

Here you go.. a drink for you. After this we take a little walk around to give thanks to all people that has work very hard to make sure all Friday ceremony run smoothly.

But before that, lets go for a picture taking session at the jetty :p we'll walk around after this.. erm, which ones is a nice boat?

Say hello to the new world! I consider this pictures as a extra because meby you already seen it on my wife blog here. never mind, this is the un-edit images.

Ok, enough for picture taking session. Let's go for a walk to greet all the people. Where should we start?

Well, this is a meal preparation camp! As you can see a lots of relatives and neighbor preparing the meal ingredients.

Some people just feel shy to take picture with us! It's ok. Just act like nothing happened. Keep the hard work ;)

Erm, may I help? Quite hot over there.

No, It's ok. we can handle it! just go meet some other people over there ;)

We become a major hot topics of the day! Here and there they talk about us walking around the cooking area :)

Including the wash area. Surprisingly they all gone before we taking a snap a picture with them :p

Erm, this is where the guys do the hard core work! Peel the coconut. A lots and lots of them for tomorrow ceremony.

Visiting a grandmother of the oldest relatives. Can really understand what she said. But i think she's try to remembering who's daughter is married?

We take some rest after walking around. It's me, my wife and my mom here. Sometimes my mother feel bored because she doesn't know what to do. Kesian mak.

This picture is taken before the bersanding ceremony on Saturday. We give a chances to my mother & father first ;)

As you guys can see, the next day will be my bersanding ceremony. So I'll continue tomorrow as well ;p


  • hayad said:  

    pic pandang ke belakang kat jeti tu very very nice!!! :)

  • JUNAIDIX said:  

    yup.. it's very nice ;)

  • striker said:  

    eh, sebijik macam muka ur mak... o_0 btw, semoga bahagia selama-lamanya dgn wife tersayang :)