Saturday - In Black

Thursday, January 25 Leave a Comment

This is the next day ceremony. This ceremony start as early as 8am. People start coming and coming. and keep coming until we came out.

Wake up very early in the morning. Then make preparation using Melanau traditionals. Unfortunately, we only went out on 9am. Before that, let take some pictures..

Walking out from the house. Every eyes of the guest focus on us. Every cameras flashing around.

Entering her grandfather house which is the place we going to "bersanding" and "tepung tawar" both of us.

Sit tight. This would be a long day.

Actually this "tepung tawar" lasting around 1 hour or more. Every relatives is invited to give bless.

Waiting for names to be called for the "tepung tawar" ceremony. Carneyz's father in blue and her grandfather on the most right. Middleman.. erm..?

This is Carneyz's family. Notice something that shouldn't be weared during picture session? :p

Don't forget to take picture with my family :)

On walking again! This is after the "tepung tawar" ceremony is completed. We were asked to walk around to greet some people from the back including guests.

As you can see, most of them a very happy to meet us. Thanks for everything.

Underneatch pokok pinang, We will wait for flight! :p

Then we back inside for another picture taking session. A lots of pictures. Not shown here lor :p

As you see, most of the picture has been snap by her. She is Carneyz's sister. LadiLiz is her internet nickname ;)

Ok folks, I think that's all for my wedding pictures :)

p/s: For those who are still in preparation mode, please prepare some backup money for your own. Or else you might have some financial crisis after the wedding ceremony is done.


  • faisal said:  

    jun, aku sukala baju melanau tu..nampak smart je..rase cam nak suh ko belikan kalo ko balik sane lagi..hehe..bape ek?

  • skru put3 said:  

    mmm... unik la jun. dulu masa skru kat sabah pernah gak gie kenduri kawin kat sana. tapi x berpeluang tgk yg berpakaian tradisional yer...

    ahakzss.... mcm teringin juga skru pakai baju tradisoanal mcm tu...

  • zamri79 said:  

    SELAMAT {ENGANTIN BARU... aku suka nasihat o tu.. prepare kewangan lebih kalau tidak merana jugak la nak survive... hehehehe

  • Fauziah said:  

    slmt pengantin baru. eh dah lama rupanya. ntah2 dah ada anak tak. hehehe