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The next 5 days, I will become a husband to a lovely girl that i know 2 years ago. How fast the time flies. I still got this feeling: "Macam baru kenal semalam".. you know. but after this next friday, meby i should know her better.

however, deep in my heart that whoever is my "jodoh" in this world for sure she is the best that has been arranged for me. i hope i can do my best to become a good husband to her.

I can't really describe my feeling right now because that i need to complete my task yesterday. But today i'm still stuck with this task. and alhamdulillah that the task already done (for now).

sometimes, preparation for those big day is very exhausting. that's why i'm kind of neutral feeling right now. hope everything is going as i'm hope for.

Tomorrow morning is my flight to KCH. and thursday is my flight to her place. Friday is the day for Akad after Jumaat. Saturday is a day for Walimatulurus.


  • anakomak said:  

    JUN... wat happen to mjsbox????

  • yna said:  

    entry yg sgt sweet..

    selamat pengantin baru!