Flying Cars! Really?

Tuesday, January 24 Leave a Comment

Recently, on Google’s satellite photo transmitter “Google Earth,” in the Australian city of Perth, a flying car was caught on camera— levitating. How in the world is that possible? To date, not much is known about the topic, but here’s some information that was released about it.

According to the Channel Register’s (a European online news source) Oz photo interpretation bureau, the vehicle in question, described by Clinton Bird—a professor of architecture and abstract identification at the University of Auckland, is at an altitude of three or four meters and doing about 80 knots. That data rules out rocket powered turbofan outrigger engines, favored by the Moller Corporation (a corporation devoted to the development of flying, turbofan powered cars).

This leaves just one possible explanation: Australians have developed a gravity-busting engine— by putting a huge rotating ring above a super conducting coil and pumping enough electric current through the coil, resulting in a large magnetic field that will "reduce the gravitational pull on the ring to the point where it floats free". This anti-grav engine, bolted onto a second-hand Holden, is seen here in the split second before their X-Motor made the trans-dimensional leap to hyper light speed.

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