I Wish

Saturday, June 13 Leave a Comment

Looking into your eyes, I know you are sad.
Watching your reactions, I know you have high hope.
Listening to your stories, I know you are whispering

I Wish

Every single day, I love you very much.

From the moment, we are now together..

Looking into our future together..

Every moment with you is special.

Happy Birthday to you.. my dear lovely wife on Jun 5.


  • Amy said:  

    sweeett...though a bit late. hehe...better late than never horr

  • Acai said:  

    So sweet ok jun...walaupun dah lambat tapi aku tetap nak wish hepy belated besday kat carneyz..:) smoga apa yang diimpikan dalam hidup akan jadi kenyataan,amin.