Buy Airasia Ticket inside Facebook with Citibank?

Thursday, August 7 Leave a Comment

KUALA LUMPUR - Citibank and AirAsia have become the latest brands to experiment with social networks after launching a Facebook application.

The low-cost airline and the world’s largest bank will use the application to test the popularity of their co-branded credit card among social networking communities in Malaysia.

The application, developed by Proximity Malaysia, allows users to rank their favourite destinations, select who they would like to spend their holidays with, and choose what to do when they are there. [ full article ]

Nota 18sen:
Hmm.. macam menarik jer konsep nih. Tapi kalau dah boleh buat payment dalam Facebook tu memang syok lar.. hehe


  • topek said:  

    abg jun... nak tnye skit... klu kita bayar yuran msjbox pakai deposit tunai, "Payment Method" kita nak pilih ape yerk??

  • JUNAIDIX said:  

    pilih deposit kaunter :)