Afdlin's Sumo-Lah in 10 May 2007

Tuesday, April 3 Leave a Comment

"Ok check it out guys, i know a lot of you are going omigod! SUMOlah, open on the same month as Spidey and Pirates of the carribean!, possibly the two biggest film on planet earth this year but you know what guys, i have great belief that this year a simple malaysian film with a lot of heart like SUMOlah will be able to make us all proud and stand tall among the giants."
-Afdlin Shauki

Simplest thought:
ok.. now it's real! last time aku ingatkan mati-mati la cerita Sumo-Lah tu kat pawagam bulan 2.. tapi.. sekali bulan 5 daaaa...! time tu jugak cerita Spiderman & Pirates! saper la nyer idea nih.. dah la time tu panggung konpem sesak ngan manusia-manusia.. tapi bagi aku.. aku akan pegi tengok citer Sumo nih kat pawagam.. yeay!