My name is MAWI

Wednesday, February 14 Leave a Comment

Some call me "Miauwi".. some call me "Mauu.. Mauu.."

My hobby is eating and running. Not forget to clean myself regularly. Don't look at me like that!

I'm so adorable. If anyone found me on the street, just say "Miauwiii" and i will come to you ;)

But if you not very nice, i will "gigit" you.. muahahahaha!

p/s: i'm on diet now


  • meera said:  

    memang ngam lah miauwi ni ngan ko jun... 2-2 suka geget! kahkahkah...

  • JUNAIDIX said:  

    maner der samer :p aku nyer gigitan tu lain sket :p