Bintulu Trip

Tuesday, February 13 Leave a Comment

We go back to Bintulu last weekend to visit her mother. Well as usual, travel with AirAsia. Plan to trip on Chinese New Year, but the ticket if too expensive on festive season. That's why we both travel a week earlier.. and cheaper too!

However, I'm not going to tell about the whole weekend there but just enough to share the picture that was taken ;)

p/s: click on images to view larger version

Blue skies.. What if I can walk on those beautiful sky...

Top deck of the Airbus A320.. Do not smoke!

Pantai..? erm.. what's the name of this place again? .. forgot already.

Pantai Tanjung Kidurong. A former favorites place 20years ago..

This is just a shot that i took beside of the road.

Purple blue?

Bunga Semalu. Many of know this kind of wild flower..

My name is "Mawi".. you can call me "Miauwiii"

Touch me if you dare...! aaaaaaaarrrrr...!


  • meera said:  

    Miawiii ek... tu kucen gatai namanyer :p

  • JUNAIDIX said:  

    hehe.. dier gatai2 ngan awex jer :p kalo ngan aku dier macam nak gigit lak :p

  • romzi seli said:  

    pantai ya bukan pantai tanjung batu kah jun?

    rupa macam tanjung batu jak...

  • JUNAIDIX said:  

    aok la.. pantai tanjung batu :D aku lupak nama nya jak :p