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Thursday, September 7 Leave a Comment

working in new places is quite strange experiences. got to adapt new environment fast in order to get the job done.

working in high demanding task is sometimes fun, but you will know that life is not just about doing a good job. it's something else.

hey, even working in new environment for few days.. i'm feel more and more confortable to speak english even my english is like "rojak buah"!

i know that my english is not that good. but the new working style force me to speak a lot of english. even do a little presentation in english. i feel that my tounge is twisted around when i speak english every day.

you know lah, before this to speak english in my communication is like yearly bonus! i think that's why my english is so bad. but now, good or bad, i had to speak english. or the other team member doesn't know what they are going to do.

my job in this new location is quite simple. no coding. but i had to decode the 5 year old system into work flow. then other team member will be code it back into java so they can integrate similar or exact functionality into current system. no mistake or the system will failed!!


yesterday, meet old pal. husband & wife. continue bac deg in SPACE. just helping them to workout on some like Sistem Inventori. PHP. MySQL.

well, that was the final year project. well, if you guys read my blog: i didn't start anything yet! :P kena sabar banyak-banyak yer. i only have weekend to do that :)


Msjbox has been busy these days. so i has increased another 10 minutes timing to accepting new messages. really sorry for the downgrade. or else the server will totally collapse! huhu

i think that my original idea of creating msjbox is just to leave a messages to the blogger owner. well, the usage of the msjbox has been overloaded since the tool is good enough for leave messages in almost realtime :)

for 10 minutes of interval timing, be relax. send messages with smile :) hehe

regarding the msjbox bowling, get ready to baling the bowl! yeah! even i had to go to my friends wedding in shah alam earlier of the day, hope to see you guys there.. Pertama Complex.

the contact number has been publish for easy communication if you lost in the middle of the city!


  • Carneyz said:  

    Wow! 99% English blog entry! Congratulations! :) Hehe. Except for the word baling. Not bad, just a few grammar & spelling error but overall is good ;) Keep it up!

  • JUNAIDIX said:  

    ehems.. just wanna practice maaa :P hehe