Bz days

Saturday, September 2 Leave a Comment

I feel like to bz lately.. new environment. new task. new problem. to little time.

from now, each invitation for msjbox has been closed. i don't know when i can open the invitation for new members again.

cost has been rising. bandwith increasing. activity too hot! so, to cool a little bit down the msjbox activity, so i decided to increase the waiting time. sorry guys.

i'm been to bz lately since this month and for other 6 month. this is due to my new job. new company.

need time to catch-up a lot of thing. a little time to check msjbox. a little time even to read email. so, have to handle my new job first. then msjbox come later.

ok then. see you on msjbox bowling next weekend.



  • striker said:  


    Oh, so currently you have increased the waiting time and no more new member invitation allowed?

    Actually, I'm more than thankful to become a part of your cool msjbox community. Thanks to you. :)

    Lastly, good luck with your new job ya? :D

  • Carneyz said:  


    Maybe will take time to adapt but nanti mesti akan dapat! ;)

  • meera said:  

    salam bos...

    fuiyooooo bz ek.... takpe keje lu... lenlain tu sampingan je :D

  • faisal said:  

    waa, bestnye dpt keje baru..hehe..
    for sure ur skill and salaries will increased acordingly..hehee...dah up sampai 5k agaknye jun punye income nih..hehee...

    as member of zakat collection, jgn lupe bayo zakat pendapatan jun..kekeke..berkat dan bersih harta tu nanti...:)

    aku ada buat kalkulator zakat bodoh2 je...
    kirala zakat dari situ..hehee..:)

    aku admire keje2 ko nih..:)