Malaysian Richest People

Friday, March 10 Leave a Comment

114. Robert Kuok, Malaysia, 82, $5B, diversified
147. Ananda Krishnan, Malaysia, 67, $4.3B, diversified
245. Lim Goh Tong, Malaysia, 88, $2.8B, gaming
365. Teh Hong Piow, Malaysia, 76, $2.1B, banking
382. Quek Leng Chan, Malaysia, 65, $2B, banking
486. Lee Shin Cheng, Malaysia, 66, $1.6B, agriculture
698. Yeoh Tiong Lay and family, Malaysia, 76, $1.1B, construction
746. Tiong Hiew King, Malaysia, 70, $1B, timber
look. how rich they are.. what if i'm also in the list (dreaming a minute!). for your information, the number in the list is rangking of the world richest people here.

most of them are 60's and above. how struggle they are while they in young age like me. that makes me thinking a while.

don't you guys feel something? how can agriculture can make you rich? hmm.. you have to answer that question by researching Lee Shin Chen business model. you may get the answer.

p/s: what do the "diversified" business like eh?