Event Gateway in ColdFusion

Saturday, March 11 Leave a Comment

Typically, a ColdFusion event gateway instance, a Java object, listens for events coming from an external provider. For example, a general socket event gateway listens for messages on an IP socket, and an SMS event gateway receives messages from an SMSC server.

Each event gateway instance communicates with one or more listener CFCs through the ColdFusion event gateway service. The listener CFCs receive CFEvent object instances that contain the messages, process them, and can send responses back to the event gateway, which can send the messages to the external resources.

Alternatively, a ColdFusion application can initiate a message by calling a ColdFusion function that sends the message to the event gateway. The event gateway then forwards the message to an external resource, such as an instant messaging server. A CFC in the application listens for any responses to the sent message.
actually this is a new features in ColdFusion MX 7. by using this gateway, you can programmatically trigger event using sms. cool!