DiGi 014

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SHAH ALAM 21 Mac - DiGi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd. hari ini memperkenalkan nombor awalan bermula 014 6xx xxxx bagi perkhidmatan prabayar DIGI dan pascabayar DIGI berikutan pertambahan jumlah pelanggan baru. more..

wow! a new prefix number here soon. this mean that each telecoms company has more than 1 prefix number. Celcom 010/013/018/019, Maxis 012/017 and DiGi 014/016.

but there other 015 is offered by multiple companies. this 015 is currently offered by Jaring 015 and RedTone 015. both focus on internet IP phone.

this mean that all prefix has been used i guess. got any for 011?


  • Anonymous said:  

    010 and 018 prefix doesn't exist anymore. celcom only used 013 and 019 prefix. as far as i know this 014 prefix is for all the 3 telcos and not for digi only. but digi is the first to introduced this 014 prefix