ColdFusion Alternative

Tuesday, March 21 Leave a Comment

do you know that coldfusion program files can be process other than macromedia coldfusion server itselt?

believe me, there's other server environment that enable you to run it on other server platform. introducing BlueDragon & Railo.

The BlueDragon ServerTM family of Java-based servers (Server and Server JX) enables the stand-alone deployment of CFML, in addition to native integration with JavaServer Pages (JSPs). Plus, the entry-level version of BlueDragon Server is FREE! for deployment more..

Our goal was to adherre to the CFML standard in the version 6.1 as well as possible. Nevertheless Railo differs in some points from this standard. Here these differences are listed and described. more..
so there you are.. alternatif for coldfusion for application deployment other than macromedia itself!

p/s: for serious critical mission application, you still had to use JRUN/J2EE for optimum performance ;)