G2G File Sharing with Gmail

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What is G2G?
G2G is a website where you can easily share files, which are at your Gmail, with each other. You register at the website with your Gmail login data and your Gmail account will be indexed. After that everyone can see your files (including support for only the files you want them to see) and download/email them without ever knowing your login data.

Currently 1557 users sharing 42.36 GB in 36874 files.
First time i see this thing, "What the.. !!!" This is such a really new strategy to fill up your 2.5GB of your Gmail storage. But they advice that should sign-up for new Gmail account for this purpose.

To share your files, you just send yourself an email with file attachment! :P

More Info: G2G


  • 6ixer said:  

    G2G is no longer in service.. baru ingat nak try