Gmail: Online Virtual Hard Disk

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" was originally which was started in the end of May 2005. The concept of using your Gmail account as a hard drive was not a new concept when the website was created, however the method in which it works was relatively new. Most of the third party applications were programs that you had to install to be able to get access to your Gmail account by entering your username and password. Unfortunately the MAC and Linux users couldn't use that software."
XmailHardDrive is probably a virtual hard drive for personal purpose. But the really thing is, you must have a Gmail account to use this services!

Xmail is just act as middleman between you and Gmail. Each time you upload your files using Xmail, it actually you sending a email to yourself with an attachment.

For me this tools not that really practical in heavy duty usage! Better used your own external hard disk.

More Info: XmailHardDrive

MyRating: *****

p/s: Sodep, ko paham tak aper yg aku tulis tu? :P


  • Imran said:  

    huhuhu. cam takut je nak works, tapi kalau tuan punya benda tu ada niat jahat sket, dia leh save gmail address dan password yg org guna tu kat satu table. at the end, dia ada hundreds of gmail login information.