Speechless (After accident)

Saturday, June 20 Leave a Comment

This was happened last Monday.

today, i was told by "the agent" that the car was ready to be taken home. and, our car finally back to it pre-accident conditions.

to be honest, i was totally speechless. remembering that i was still in the spun car on the middle of the MRR2 highway! when the spinning was finally stopped, 360 degrees later, i quickly drove the car to the emergency lane.

but, i was still can't believe that i was involved in an accident. after a while, then i stepped out of the car and check the front, side and the back of the car. even though front bumper was badly damages, the radiator was survive. meaning, i can drove the car away from the scene and find the nearest police traffic station which was at jalan bandar.

i was surprised, again! after i logged the police report and went to the car, the front tyre was totally flat! did i drove a car with a flat front tyres? i didn't think so. i had no choice but to accept "the agent" offer to tow the car to their workshop at setapak and process everything regarding insurance claim.

"the agent" is a malay guy. he talked quite a lot. since he talked a lot, i manage to get some tips that he has been doing "the agent" job for more than 3 years. when he got the customers (like me) and arranged the claim on behalf, he got the payment. in my kancil case, around RM300-400 per case. "the agent" job was the same. waiting for clueless customers (like me, again) in front of balai polis jalan bandar. he told me, some cases might far-far away from kl, but he accepted as well.

nevertheless, we got our car back and waiting the receipt from insurance company. and, pay high renewal premium for this year!


  • aida said:  

    haiyyaa.. macam mana boleh eksiden nih? ni mesti bawak laju nih...