The All New: Subang Airport

Thursday, June 18 Leave a Comment

on sunday last week, i was at subang airport. my wife needed to travel to kerteh on monday at 6.30am, but how to go to subang airport? i had not been there for more than 10 years already since 1996/97. that was the year i studied in utmkl, jalan semarak. subang airport was my first destination from sarawak. during that time, there is no airasia. only mas. if you want the cheap price, then you need to book 6am flight at RM190 one way to kuching! normally i slept at the airport.

now, here i am at subang airport 10 years later. the atmosphere at subang terminal was very fresh.

glittering every where..

new check-in counter.

cute awex on the sofa was an extra, and she is mine already. *hehe.

here i was. At subang airport. 10 years later.

erm.. minus the shopping. 10 years ago, i do not remember about this shop.

however, subang airport is still work in progress especially outside the terminal. The road for dropping off passengers has not finished at all. you can not drop off passengers at the entrance like at klia or lcct.