Update blog using sms/twitter from Malaysia

Friday, May 15 Leave a Comment

Sometimes, when i'm not connected to the internet from home or any mobile broadband, i always wondering how to update my blog.

introducing, twitter. now i can update stories from anywhere as long as my prepaid credit is still available.

my twitter, updated using sms from celcom prepaid

but, before you can sms your first twitter using your handphone, you need one twitter account and setup your mobile phone number. see guide here

since the twitter number is international, your sms update will be charged per international sms rate. normally around 20cent to 50cent per sms. quite expensive. but, it enable you to update short stories to your blog anywhere even you are roaming oversea.

lastly, you need to install twitter widget to your blog. read guide here. now you can update your blog while driving, swimming and climbing trees!