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Sms from 66300 is fraud!

Tuesday, May 19 Leave a Comment

Have you ever receive an sms other than your service provider (ie celcom,maxis, digi) that promote some nonsense service? Worse, they charged that garbage sms to your bill! This just happend to my wife this month.

RM12 - sms content service - received

sms that promote some nonsense service

i'm so curious about this kind of sms fraud. so i google that shortcode "66300" and it belong to company oversea called "2waytraffic" (here, here).

But how can malaysian have an access to that shortcodes and spam my wife number and charged for it?

If you have similar problem, kindly share with me how to solve this problem and prevent it from keep spamming the number.


  • maryam abu ahmad said:  

    spam gitu pun kena charge? huhu..

    tq 4 da info.

  • shiemz said:  

    bahaya gak kan... takut potong prepaid... dah la mcm aku top up skali 10 hengget.... kang potong 10hengget terus, naya kan... hehe

  • Junaidix said:  

    memang.. dia guna premium service then charge kat orang yang receive!

    tul tu.. memang teruk!

  • Martin said:  


    Thanks for your warning... I just got a dodgy sms today from 66300 and you have given me the answer. But could I ask you - how come they charged the RM12.00?? Did your wife reply to the sms? Surely we do not get charged just for receiving an sms do we?

    Many thanks!

  • Anonymous said:  

    I also receive these kinds of SMS' . This is because there is no law in Malaysia that stops people from selling your personal information including mobile number.

    Other example is that since we moved out our office to Jln Sultan Ismail, during the first week we have been flooded with promotional crappy faxes. Who else besides TM knew about that specific new fax number? I wonder.


  • Anonymous said:  

    If u receive a number to call to it.
    Do check with your telco or the bank if it is related to the bank.

    I receive a sms from the number but it related to my bank.
    I call my bank to verify.
    The bank confirms it is genuine number as stated in the sms.

    Just be cautious and vigilant
    Just sharing.

  • Lukman Hakim Kamarudin said:  

    i got one from 66300, claiming it from RHB bank, and saying my online service will be terminated in 31/12. the message is: RM0.00 RHB Debit Card: your overseas/online/recurring/mail order txn will be blocked by 31/12. To avoid interruption, SMS OPTINCard no & send to 66300...this shit obviously a scam. why would a bank extend its service and required our bank account number entered via sms. this thing is dangerous.