Petrol will be RM2/litre on September 2009

Saturday, May 16 Leave a Comment

After Malaysian citizen busy celebrating independence a night before, the night before 12am on the following day, there will another celebration at the petrol station nationwide. it's the night where we all rushing to fill-up the tank with cheaper petrol price.

Government is deciding again to increase the petrol price for RON97 to RM2/litre. This is bad for motorist.

To make up with people, the government introduce a RON95 version of petrol at RM1.75/litre.

So what's the different of RON97 and RON95 anyway? what is RON? don't confused yourself with RONaldo!

In the scientific and more boombastic meaning, it's a short name for Research Octane Number. Well, you can read all the explanation here.

For me, this RON number is another way for you to empty your wallet when you fill up your tank. The higher number, the thinner your wallet.

So, you see.. if you plan to save money by using this RON95@RM1.75 per litre, did your car engine will support it? I can't answer that question directly either it YES or NO on your behalf, you need to check your car manual on the engine spec (yup, your car should come with car manual book).

I haven't yet check my kancil engine spec. I will check later. If your car engine require RON97 type of petrol and you fill up with RON95, your car engine will not produce same performance because of the premature mixing combustion in the engine. in the long run, it will damage your engine internal organ. not good at all!