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If you are web programmer, you should be know about this library already. This few days while working on the new project (which has been scrapped!), I manage to read some of the interesting trick & tips using those library.

This is an library used to extend DOM object plus adding some of new features to the DOM object. A real good shortcut while calling DOM object is by using $() function. Normally we are using document.getElementByID, but using $() then the result is the same. Same time for typing & copying :p Then Prototype also include AJAX library which i think quite easy to use as well.
This is a add-on library to Prototype. Using this library you can add such effect to the DOM object which is not supplied by Prototype library.

This is a very fine working framework! If your are serious developing Web 2.0 application, then I recommend this library. You can doing such object like Window, Message alert, drag & drop etc. Even you can develop another version of Meebo if you crazy enough about Ajax! :p


Personally, I do prefer all of them. Yet, I'm still learning..