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adeih.. this is the first time i answer this kind of tag. some things that make me want to share my addicted with you guys :)

1. Write about how much addicted u are towards something.
2. Don't forget to include the percentage of 'addictedness' towards that thing.
3. All with one condition > the total of percentage must reach 100%

Here is my addictedness to these things:

60% - Addicted to Msjbox
18% - Addicted to Blog
11% - Addicted to 3G Internet
5% - Addicted to Holiday.exe (installed by my lovely wife)
3% - Addicted to Google News (tech/business)
2% - Addicted to Soccer (news only)
1% - Addicted to Formula 1 (news only)

Total: 100%

Who's Next:
1) My lovely wife .a.k.a. Carneyz (wonder what she's addicted to? hehe)
2) Whoever like to answer those tag


  • Carneyz said:  

    Suami terchenta,

    ur not addicted to me???

    Note to myself: Have to put up ads in Ebay looking for a guy addicted to me... Muahaha!

  • JUNAIDIX said:  

    dear wife,
    you are not "these things".. you are my lovely wife :) can't compare "these things" with wife.. of 100% of "these things" that only represent 20% of interest. the rest is for you ;)

  • Carneyz said:  

    Suami terchenta,

    How do I buy another 10% of the share to put under the 80% thus increasing the percentage to 90%? ;)

  • pluginbaby said:  

    thanks sbb jwb tag sy bro.. hehe