Notice: Server Relocation

Wednesday, February 7 Leave a Comment

Email from my hosting provider:

Please be informed that our up stream data center provider in US is going to relocate their data center this month. This notification will provide information about the specific dates and times your shared hosting server / dedicated servers will be unavailable while we move them to our new facility. Depending on where your servers are physically located in existing facility, only a portion of servers may
be down at any given time.

Maintenance Window: Friday, February 9, 2007
Time: 9:00pm - 5:00am MST

During this time we will be physically moving servers from existing facility to the new datacenter located in downtown Denver, Colorado. We will be physically powering down your servers, loading them onto a cargo truck, transporting them to new data center facility, racking them at new facility, and then connecting your servers to the network. Finally, we will power your servers back up.

Well, nothing can i say. Hopely after they relocate the server, the accessibility to Msjbox is faster and better. or else, no point they relocate the server box to another datacenter.

My current server is not located in Malaysia. It's US based server. Hopely when I had enough money from Yuran Tahunan, I want to buy own server and put it in Malaysian datacenter to host Msjbox in the future :)