Eye On Malaysia

Monday, January 29 Leave a Comment

Last saturday, we go to Eye On Malaysia at Tasek Titiwangsa. Actually this is an unplanned trip after we claim our tinted voucher :p

This Eye on Malaysia is HUGE! 64 ft high! For those who afraid of height, you are advised to try once! hehe

and.. you must pay RM16 RM15 for adult.

People is very craze about this thing. Q is very long. and you had to wait.. wait.. and another wait..

After step in the gondola, then you can see the whole KL if you're on the right spot. You will stay in the gondola about 5 round! Enough time to take a pieces of picture.

unfortunately, I can't share to all of you the picture because i misplace my infrared device that can connected to my phone. quite sad.

however, you can visit Tasek Titiwangsa to experience it yourself! This Eye On Malaysia will be there until 31 December 2007.


  • meera said:  

    Jun sejak dah jadi suami orang ni, len macam je otak ko... hehehe camne leh salah tu, kat tibi tu punyalah huhahuha kata 15 hengget tau... carneyz!!!! ape ko dah buat kat Jun ni ha? muahahaha

  • JUNAIDIX said:  

    mane der lain macam :p hehe.. samer jer.. cumer ada la terlupak jap :p muahehehe