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last monday, had a meeting at kelana jaya. arrive at 9.15am. seems early becoz my meeting is 10am. so go for breakfast first.

after eating my breakfast, then go to the building where the meeting is located. call the person that i'm suppose to meeting with.. then suddenly he says that he got a really urgent matter to be done that morning for 1-2 hours! meeting canceled! frustating..

heading to my bike. then my officemates come. he also frustated when i told him that meeting was posponed.

after lunch. go to meeting. discuss until 4pm. then do our own job there. time to go home.

when i arrive at my bike, saw the tyre was flat! got to find workshop before it's too late! it's already 6pm. lot of shop already closing the door by now.

searching for workshop with the flat tyre. riding with slow motion action! 30 minutes later, then found one workshop. change tyre and go back to home. arrive at home at 8pm. heavy rain in kl at that time.


today, not really finish my previous task. but suddenly i got two new task that has a relation with the first two task. man.. really push me to the limit.

my day just go along with that two task. when i arrive home then i just fell to sleep until 9pm. so tired. then wake up. feel hungry. eat maggi maaaa! so lazy to go out for food. maggi is better compare not eat at all. hehe.


  • faisal said:  

    waa,really pity on u lah jun..hehee..btw, make sure u check ur tyre pressure can contribute much to flat tyre..

    IMO, the appropriate pressure is around 250 kpa when u bike alone and 280-300kpa when u alwz hv passanger behind..:)

    in fact, if u just maintain it that's rally hard to some pin, nail etc to get into ur type..believe me..:)

  • jepun said:  

    hehehe.. standard live.. motor pancit ka. aper ka.. aku dulu masa pakai motor seminggu dekat dua 3 kali.. nak kata tak isi angin tiap2 minggu aku isi angin..hish..dugaan kot.... ko keje mana skang ???

  • romzi seli said:  

    hye jun..

    heheheh suka ajak aku mok nyonteng sitok... heheheh
    keja sene dah ko kinek tok? mesti best nak?