stuck again

Friday, August 25 Leave a Comment

today is the 3rd day i'm stuck in the office because of the heavy rain! well.. what to do? tunggu lor..

today i learn something new about unix crontab.. erm.. actually i'm a really beginner in this unix arena, but google help me alot! each time got a problem, ask google! hehe..

well.. since yesterday i got problem when setting up task in crontab schedule task. i have to learn vi editor to edit. have to learn crontab behavior. have to learn some simple unix command line. fuh! quite tough beb! feel like to gigit-gigit that things! grrrr....

at the end, i found out that the path env in the script itself is not correct! geram lagi! correct all of those path then try again.

have to wait until next weekend to see the result! the batch job is quite big. more than 3 hour to process! malas la nak tunggu.. hehe.. see the log jer next week ;)