Hate SPAM! is it?

Thursday, July 27 Leave a Comment

For the last several years, the Romanian-born computer artist has applied techniques in computational modeling and information visualization to invent a new form of artistic expression. One of his more notable projects involved creating what he calls Spam Plants. He wrote algorithms that analyzed various text and data points of junk e-mail to produce "organic" images of plantlike structures that spontaneously grew based on incoming spam. more..

Here is another flowering example of a good use for spam.

The ASCII values found in the text of spam messages determine the attributes and qualities of Alex Dragulescu's Spam Plants.

This is another "building" created via spam.

Dragulescu's Blogbot generates images based in part on text taken from blogs.

For Dragulescu's Spam Architecture, patterns, keywords and rhythms found in the text of spam are translated into three-dimensional modeling architecture.

Here is another Dragulescu spam plant.

p/s: erm.. cam gitu rupernyer spam.. hehe