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Malaysian agencies requiring satellite image currently rely upon image data and information provided by satellites manufactured and operated by foreign international companies. Due to the orbit in which such satellites are located, the images provided are neither timely enough nor does it cater to Malaysia's specific use and need. A Medium Aperture Camera Satellite (RazakSat™), Malaysia's own small satellite will be able to provide specific and timely data for its users in Malaysia as well as being able to cater to the needs of countries located on the equatorial belt. more..
a quite impressive move for local companies that backed by MOF to create own satelite with help from korean technology! 70 local engineer involved, but don't really know how many korean engineer helping them..

but, this strategic satelite will helo malaysian govt to monitor local sea border, ship traffic plus early warning of tsunami!

p/s: those satelite can zoom up to 2.5metre from the ground! so they can see where and what are you doing ringt away!


  • ZaM said:  

    June.... kira okla kan 2.5 meter. sebelum ni Malaysia ade gak satelit nama dia TIUNGSAT. Dah terhempas pun. Dia punyer resolution lebih kurang 75 meter kot....hehehe hampeh.. dah lah tu image la banyak noise.... heheheh..kalau ko nak tau ni la bidang aku yg dikatakn Remote Sensing.....