tour de france

Thursday, April 27 Leave a Comment

hello every one..

i'm been busy lately.. that's was because of the development and the release of Editable Reply on Msjbox last few days.

simple function but it take around 2 weeks of my rest time to research and develop it. and at last.. it's has been online. hope you guys love it!

and a few moments ago, just gtalk with amy. just want to know where exactly she studied in france. so when i visit, they has enable the map area for around europe. so that include france!

so she give a link that point directly at the ESIEE, France. so there you are.. i'm in france!

wanna visit eiffel tower? actually you guys also can visit entire earth with google earth. all you have to do is download it! it's free!

p/s: wanna go to UK also!