Hosting or Blogger?

Monday, March 20 Leave a Comment

since my hosting down after 2 days, i always got this error messages when i'm try to publish my blog posting

"Broken Pipe"
i'm not sure what's that mean, but for me it's mean that i had to republish me posting again! geram nyer! aku rasa nak gigit-gigit jer blogger ngan hosting aku tuh! grrrrr....

now i'm thinking of migrating my blogger to WordPress. still experiment those thing lately. hope i can migrate it or this blogger problem gone..

p/s: still love blogger :P


  • mypapit said:  

    migrate wordpress ok gak, cuma nak design template wordpress tu leceh sikit

  • JUNAIDIX said:  

    hm.. seb baik aku tak terror WP lagi.. :P hehe