cfajax - coldfusion edition

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CFAjax is the AJAX implementation for coldfusion. It makes coldfusion method calls to the server directly from a HTML page using JavaScript and returns the result back to the calling HTML page. CFAjax comes with a simple to use JavaScript API and simple coldfusion implementation that marshals the response between your CF methods and HTML page. Using CFAjax you can create highly interactive websites with greater performance and usability
this AJAX style of programming getting a lot of buzz lately after google introduce Google Maps and Gmail! honestly, i really love ajax powered application! simple to use, fast and impresif of navigation.

unfortunately, coding ajax style of application can make your hair drop a lot.. i'll always try to adopt ajax style of programming into my development environment lately.. but not as pure as it can be. my version just 1% of it.

i found this cfajax tools since last year. but never really try to use it in my application because this ajax thing is harder to debug if an error occur! really sakit kepala..

here you can find cfajax tools, and here is the documentations.

p/s: meby someday i will migrated my small Msjbox tools using ajax 100%!


  • Rob Gonda said:  

    it seems like you would enjoy ajaxCFC. It's a component based ajax implementation for CF.