Word of Mouth

Tuesday, February 28 Leave a Comment

some people really care about their brand. some others, who cares. it's just a name anyway. as long as bisnes is profit, ok lah.

in the world of business, meby names give a very nice impression. for example, Google for search. Microsoft for Windows. Apple for iPod. and even Msjbox :P

a good quality of products make people stick to it. as Google did, throw as many application as they can on the wall and see which one is sticky.

some marketing people say, branding is expensive. spending millions just to introduce the brand to the world as petronas did in Formula 1 campaign.

meby word of mouth is quite good strategy as well. as in kedai makan bisnes, which one kedai makan is sedap masakannya, in a matter of week konpem penuh la kedai tu. trust me.

meby for me, keeping a good services of Msjbox will let all other user aware that Msjbox is just another local brand of international audiences. just a glass hope.


  • Noushy Syah said:  

    Keep up the good work and service at all time will make in no time msj the best ever msj in town, hopefully, n must also reliable and accessable at all time!!! Gud luck dear creator for msj...