Run Linux on Windows

Monday, February 27 Leave a Comment

since my laptop memory is more than enough, i try to make things more interesting side by side. now i can run linux on my desktop without formatting, or partitioning harddisk, or manually install linux on my laptop. just use VMWare!

i'm actually still new in this VM thing. this tools just work like Remote Desktop. really cool! i can do linux operation through VM player.

here how it's working.
1) download a FREE VM player here. install it into my laptop.
2) download and unzip prebuilt binaries for linux and others here.
3) unzip the prebuilt files.
4) run VM ware and select the vmx files from step 3.

here you go. a virtual linux on m y laptop. you can also do it. simple and straight forward. but one thing i hate most about this VM ware.. a very long timing of downloading prebuilt binaries..

but then, i'm enjoying this cool virtual machine technology.