Meebo: IM on the web

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ICQ + GTalk + YM! + MSN = Meebo
This is Meebo interface after you guys login into Meebo.

This tools is very-very-very useful for you if your network does not allow you to IM online via ordinary YM/MSN/Gtalk/ICQ!

so meby you can give it a try ;)

Meebo is a FREE Web base IM client for GTalk/Jabber, ICQ, YM! and MSN. So it's 4 in 1 chatting platform there! no need to use multiple client to chatting with all your friends.

Meebo is web base. You can use it anywhere using browser. Develop using AJAX technology, response is quite fast!


"Like we’ve mentioned in our privacy principles, we are committed to security, and to ensure that, we encrypt your login password in JavaScript using a 1024-bit RSA key, and decrypt server-side using OpenSSL."

MyRating: *****

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