Ajax Framework Resources

Wednesday, November 30 Leave a Comment

Well, there's a lots of weblink that point refer as AJAX. Among them, i just found the most comprehensive of all "AJAX Pattern".

AJAX Pattern is maintain by Michael Mahemoff and this website is powered by MediaWIKI content management system that allow some content to edited by visitor.

But one thing that interest me to this website is Ajax Framework. In the future, i want to learn this ajax stuff. But a little resources about ajax development framework slow me a little bit. After i found a great tools, meby one day i will apply those technology to my Msjbox.

There's many ajax framework out there. Some using pure javascript, some using server-side and some using tag-based which is on client-based parser.(Click here to view List of Ajax Framework). Need more experiment to choose from those frameworks.

Well, my friends (hairiemx) already incorporate ajax to his work of art by using ajax framework called Taconite.

Some others:

p/s: Meby i should start developing ajax as soon as possible too ;)